How to or should you write an anonymous letter?

To report something yet not get involved.

This is the most common use of anonymous letters. You are concerned that an issue, a policy or a project, is not being addressed and yet you do not want to be involved. The reason can be that you would be seen as crossing your boss if this was so, or merely because it might be better addressed if seen to be raised from outside the organization.
Dear Mr. Trump,
I do not think the IT department should become the company censor, because someone's PC might get sick. They get sick from just wearing out. And even crash for no reason. So you must get involved to stop the idea that no incoming emails should be allowed. Thanks.

To report someone and not be known as a rat.

Reporting someone can be dangerous. This is one way which it can be done and they cannot know for sure. However, we caution you, that someone can retaliate against you for being a rat, even if not know for sure since you are the only one who could know. If you include such details, then it may seem as if you did rat them out. Anonymous tips are popular with the police and police group, so they really like my site.
Dear FBI,
I think I saw one of the ten most wanted in the first street post office last Tuesday. I heard his associate address him as "Osama". They were really suspicious looking. Will you be there this coming Tuesday and nab him if he returns.

To annoy someone or an enemy.

The idea here is to lead him into making an ass of himself believing the email. Top of the list suggestion is that it came from some attorney, bureau, etc. You will have to improvise. This one might do in a pinch.
Dear Mr. Jones,
It was brought to my attention that you have a number of parking infractions that are outstanding, and warrants to issue soon. There is still time to do something about it. And you certainly have been remiss in your citizenship in not taking care of them when they were originally issued. So in order to check it out, it will cost you $150. Contact our office about the details.
Joe Creap, attorney at law ( be sure to include real address details so he makes an ass of himself)
Big local law firm
123 gold st.,
Ely, Nevada 89102 (remember to block it out so it looks official. )

To deprecate someone who spurn you.

For those in need of a dictionary, here is one.
Dear Sally,
I was having a drink with Joe after work. He brought up how cheap he thought it was that your recent boyfriend forgot your birthday. Now I don't think that was how it went. As I understood it, you never told that guy you went out with, your birthday because you don't like talk about getting older. Which was it? Get back to me, so I can straighten it out with Joe. ( sign it by her best friend)

To lambaste a governor ( or elected official-or authority figure; even your father in law.)

Dear Governor,
I was a part of your last reelection effort. I contributed both in money and in help with my friends. I convinced many you were a great asset to Nevada's future. I thought you would run a good administration.
That was until I learned of your sell out to the Nuclear Power Companies. You promised by all that was holy to you, that you would not see Yucca Mountain go ahead during your term. Yet, it has made more progress with you, than in ten years before. Now you promise to make waves in exercising you rebuttal to the PRESIDENT for giving it the go ahead. Such an ineffective and lying dog you are. They are going full blast, and everyone in Washington I talk to says, "you are 100% behind it". You dirt bag liar! You trust breaker. You tell the public here one thing and behave totally different in Washington.
This repudiation of everything that is decent will not go unnoticed by me. I shall give no money to you again. I will not vote for you. I will work hard to see you rest in hell.
Joe Doe
14 main st.
Ely, Nevada ( go ahead, sign it by someone you want to take the blame)

Any of these skates around responsibility for comeback, because you choose to remain ANONYMOUS and we provide you that means. There is nothing wrong in that. In the case of lambasting the Governor, you have such a right, to talk about your elected officials. Some hold it is unethical to lambaste your authority figures. And if the law has to say, it will say you violated something. You might as well realize that some of what you are doing, remotely could get you in trouble. That is why you should only use our anonymous remailer, which protects your secrecy. Recognize where the limits are, even though they are unclear, and even though in even considering this, you may have already crossed an invisible line. Think so? Consider this alternative to the Dear Sally above:

Dear Sally,
I was having a drink with Joe after work. He brought up that he thought you had AIDS. Now I don't think that was how it was. As I understood it, you have herpes, and while incurable, it is not a death sentence. Get back to me, so I can straighten it out with Joe. ( sign it by her best friend)

This is libel, if told to a third party, with the intent of hurting someone's reputation, and it is untrue and you know that. Sending it to a third party, as a copy or FYI might change your libel liability, as might using the tone of inquiry. A direct communication between you, one on one, is not libel, no matter how torrid. It might be harassing, but that is of another ilk. "TV society" talks like its ok to talk about a person with infamous diseases, and about this, and that. That does not change libel precedent. Something like this might land you in some "civil" trouble. However, most cases of libel can never prove what damages were sustained, nor collect them. Nothing on this site suggests you should break any law. We are talking about how the law works, just like in law school.

GO AHEAD AND STRIKE BACK One way to vent your frustration is in an anonymous letter. It can be good psychology for you. It can benefit society.

You need only click on the heading above, and our system will put up an email with that letter already typed. You should change the detail needing changes, to fit your situation, enter the email, and hit send.

About our anonymous remailer. We protect your secrecy at all costs! This site sends your message through a secret chain of remailers which takes away the source it is from, and any details about that source. We do not tell anyone, which remailers we use. That is the first breach of secrecy in most other sites, which allow you to know which remailer it went to. Our secret remailer, sends the message on to the person whose name appears in the email box. There is no easy way for anyone to ever determine that it came from this source, or that you used it, or that we know about it. Using our modern remailer, insures that you are put at a distance from your message, because it is not in your email box. Truth is, most incriminating evidence is gathered about what one does to another right off their computers. No copy is on your computer to incriminate you. We preserve your secrecy thus.